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Fresh Khmer Herbs and Spices
Sam and Denise co-owners of Simply Khmer 

Welcome to Simply Khmer Restaurant  

"We make Khmer food simple"
Our Mission

Simply Khmer's mission is to offer exceptional Cambodian cuisine in a pleasant, appealing and cozy atmosphere. We serve Cambodian food staples such as Som Law Maju Kroung and Mee-ka-tahng, focusing on the quality of our ingredients and service. With the launching of our new line of original store products, our purpose is to bring you the flavors of Khmer cuisine, so you can experience Simply Khmer wherever is home.


1) An ancient kingdom in Southeast Asia that reached the peak of its power in the 11th century, when it ruled the entire Mekong River valley from the capital at Angkor. It was destroyed by Thai conquests in the 12th and 14th centuries.
2) A name for the ethnic group that mainly resides in the country of Cambodia
3) The Mon-Khmer language of the Khmer people that is the official language of Cambodia



1) Relating to the Khmer peoples connected by their common language and culture

Khmer|kə'me(ə)r; kme(ə)r|
Our Story

Simply Khmer Restaurant was established in Lowell, MA by the husband and wife duo, Sam and Denise in 2007.  Since then the two have committed to providing delicious and authentic Khmer food to their local community. After over 12 years of dedicated service, Simply Khmer has garnered the attention of both local and national media. With notable coverage and recognition from outlets such as WGBH, The Chronicle, Boston Magazine and The Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Simply Khmer Restaurant continues leads the way for fine, casual Khmer Cuisine.  

Preparing Kroung, a staple herb mixture used throughout Khmer cooking


Our Products

Our Products

Our shop includes a line of original sauces, ready to eat snacks and fashionable merchandise, all curated to bring the experience of Simply Khmer and authentic Khmer cuisine to your home.

Introducing Simply Khmer’s line of original products. Our mission to provide authentic and delicious Khmer cuisine to you has inspired us to release these handcrafted items by Chef Sambath.



26 Lincoln Street 

Lowell, MA 01852

TEL : 978.454.6700






11AM - 8:30 PM


10AM - 8:30 PM